Retirement/Stepping Back

Your retirement strategy should reflect your vision for retirement: will you retire completely, or simply step back from actively managing your business? Limiting the amount of taxes you pay in retirement helps you retire comfortably and pass more wealth on to your heirs.

Estate Planning

Traditional estate planning focuses on what happens to assets at your death. But estate planning also provides the opportunity to focus on assets while you are alive. An estate plan centered on you can maximize how you enjoy life today and in retirement, and also maximize the assets you pass on to your family.

Executive Compensation

Key employees make critical contributions to your company’s profitability. Selective executive compensation benefits reward those employees most responsible for your company’s growth and allow key employees to share in business accomplishments.

Key Person Protection

The death of a key employee could cause serious problems for your business, such as lost sales, lower earnings and loss of intellectual capital. The cost of hiring and training a replacement could negatively impact your business. You need a strategy to help you replace those costs and operate smoothly after losing a key employee. A business succession strategy is key to the success and survival of your company. Strategies such as buy-sell arrangements can successfully transfer a business interest on your terms.

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Planning for the Long Run…

Retirement  Estate  Asset  Protection  Planning

Will your family be receiving the legacy that matters most?

More than just a bank account or stock certificates—your family legacy encompasses all the experiences that your family holds dear, as well as the values, wisdom, and hopes you leave for them.

With this in mind, the question for you becomes more about what each of your family members value most. You can't really know until you start talking about all these key components of creating a legacy.  The protection and proper transference of your assets and values are key to successful planning.

Business Solutions

  1. Deferred Compensation Options
  2. Executive Benefit Programs
  3. Key Employee Solutions
  4. Discounted Retirement Planning
  5. Buy/Sell Agreement Funding Strategies
  6. Group Long Term Care Insurance

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Personal Retirement Planning

  1. Guaranteed Lifetime Income
  2. Tax-Free Savings
  3. Investment Strategies
  4. Social Security Strategies
  5. Pensions & Other Employer Options
  6. Roll-over Solutions (401k, 403b, 457b)

If you’re like most Americans, you’re concerned about retirement.
Most of your worries will dissipate when creating a retirement income plan that has “guaranteed lifetime income” at its’ core.  At REAP Legacy, Inc.  we provide solutions that won’t keep you up at night.

Assets & Estate Protection

  1. Estate Planning Review
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Long Term Care Planning & Protection
  4. Survivorship Strategies
  5. Legacy Planning Concepts