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As president and founder of REAP Legacy, Inc. in Oakland, CA, Pat Baxter has helped hundreds of individuals, couples and business-owners develop successful retirement plans, with a focus on creating guaranteed lifetime income. REAP Legacy also provides assistance with investment strategies, tax-free savings, estate planning, life insurance planning & long term care protection.

In addition we work with businesses to develop effective and viable Executive Plans, Deferred Compensation Plans and Key Man solutions. Unlike many advisors, we do not simply direct our clients through the complexities of planning, but rather educate and guide them towards successful planning.

A Reputable Retirement Expert

A Reputable Retirement Expert

As a financial advisor, Pat Baxter has assisted numerous and varied clients in reaching their financial and aspirational retirement goals. She believes that the ideal way to create a "set it and forget it" retirement plan is to, foremost, make sure that "guaranteed lifetime income" is at the core of the overall planning strategy.

Most people worry about outliving their assets, and they should, based on today's statistics and realities. During our working years, our primary reason for earning a living is to maintain guaranteed income. However, when we retire, most of us simply hope our assets will create the financial resources we need for a lifetime.

More Than an Advisor

Ms. Baxter perceives herself as a financial and retirement planning educator since she prefers to teach while guiding her clients, instead of only directing them. Since 2002, she has guided hundreds of individuals, couples and business owners to successfully plan for their financial and retirement futures.

Prior to REAP Legacy, Inc., Ms. Baxter had a successful career working for a few highly recognized Silicon Valley high tech companies.

Ms. Baxter, originally from Chicago, IL, is a proud graduate of Marquette University. She has made the Bay Area her home for several years. Spending time with her family, giving back to the community, and cycling are her additional passions.

"One of my goals is to have the wheels of my bike touch every continent."

A Plan You Can Trust

A Plan You Can Trust

Ms. Baxter believes uncertainties about retirement income creates unnecessary stress and depletes the potential of fulfillment during the retirement years. To address this predicament, she teaches her clients how to experience and increase retirement contentment by removing the concern of outliving one's assets. She utilizes various investment and financial strategies to resolve this issue.

By employing a holistic approach to retirement planning, Ms. Baxter allows individuals to focus on their retirement goals, hobbies, family, and the other important aspects of their lives. Ms. Baxter truly believes that everyone can enjoy a successful retirement with the right strategy, education, and belief.

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