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Licensed Financial Advisor

Retirement Income Specialist

Insurance Broker

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Meet Our Advisor

Pat Kennedy Baxter

Licensed Financial Advisor, Retirement Income Specialist, Insurance Broker

(510) 409-0086

As a financial advisor, Pat Kennedy Baxter has assisted numerous and varied clients in reaching their financial and aspirational retirement goals since 2002. She is both securities licensed and holds insurance licenses from many States. Ms. Baxter believes the ideal way to create a Set It and Forget It retirement plan is to, foremost, make sure that guaranteed lifetime income is at the core of the overall planning strategy.

“Uncertainties about retirement income create unnecessary stress and depletes the potential of fulfillment during the retirement years.” To address this predicament, Ms. Baxter teaches her clients how to experience and increase retirement contentment by removing the concern of outliving one's assets. She utilizes various investment and financial strategies to resolve this issue.

Unlike many advisors, Ms. Baxter prefers to not simply direct her clients through the complexities of planning, but rather educate and guide them towards successful planning.

She has a passion for assisting women to becoming educated, confident, and empowered when it comes to their financial matters.

With years of experience guiding Federal Employees in planning for successful retirement, she believes that federal employees should not be complacent in their planning just because they may have a good pension.

Prior to REAP Legacy, Inc., Ms. Baxter had a successful career working for a few highly recognized Silicon Valley high tech companies.

Originally from Chicago, IL, she is a proud graduate of Marquette University. She has made the Bay Area her home for several years. Spending time with her family, volunteering & giving back to the community, travelling, cycling, and hiking are her additional passions.  She is also an active member at her spiritual community and a board executive.

“Implementing effective and successful plans for my clients to support their goals and aspirations is like how an obstetrician must feel with the birth of a child – relief & joy. “